Thank you for your interest in the Orange Frontier District’s 2016 Camporall.
Dates: 10/14 – 10/16
Cost: $25 per Webelo/Arrow of Light Scout/Boy Scout [Cub cost includes adult(s)]
Location: El Dorado Park, Camping Sites A-D
Our goal is to put on an event that stimulates the interest of Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts to continue onto Boy Scouts, as well as to satisfy some of the requirements that the boys need for their various activities. To that end we have been meeting for the last two months with Troop and Pack leaders in the Orange Frontier District in order to tailor the event more closely to the requirements of the Webelos and Arrow light Scouts, as well as give the Troops involved the opportunity to suggest ideas of what skills they would like to demonstrate to the Packs.
The dates and basic details have been announced and discussed at the last two Roundtable meetings. We will have another meeting this month, on this Thursday the 8th, immediately following announcements. I would like to encourage each Troop or Pack interested in the event to send a representative to attend if at all possible.
The event is from October 14th – 16th, at El Dorado Park. I know some of us have mixed feelings about El Dorado Park, especially the bathrooms and the freeway noise, but the proximity is so helpful in allowing boys to participate in both the event AND other obligations in our community (Sporting events, religious worship, etc) that we elected to return there in order to allow the greatest number of boys to participate.
The cost is $25 per Webelo/Arrow of Light Scout, and includes a patch for the event. Parents of the Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts are free. The cost is the same for Boy Scouts looking to attend, but includes their meals on Saturday and Sunday.
So far, we have Troops that have volunteered for virtually every activity – Axe/Saw Safety, Fire Safety, 3 different types of cooking, Fishing, First Aid, Knot Tying, Orienteering, and best of all – Troop 440 will be bringing Ham Radio equipment in order to let the boys participate in the Boy Scouts of America’s 59th Annual Jamboree on the Air. They can even earn a special patch for that should they participate.
I have attached information packets and sign up cover sheets for both Troops and Packs. I will need to collect all the paperwork and payments no later than October Roundtable (10/13/2016)
Please email me with any questions, suggestions, or requests you may have.


Yours in Scouting,

Dan Moran | OFD Camporall Chair

Mobile 213.219.1666



Troop Activity Permission Slip troop-activity-permission-slip-camperall

Medical Alert Form medical-condition-alert-form-camperall

Troop Sign-Up Form 2016-ofd-camporall-troop-sign-up-form

Pack Information Packet 2016-ofd-camporall-pack-info

Troop Information Packet 2016-ofd-camporall-troop-info

Pack Sign-up Form 2016-ofd-camporall-pack-sign-up-form

El Dorado Park Map el-dorado-park-campground-map